Unity API

NFT Asset for Unity Framework aims to enable Unity developers to work with Unique Network blockchain without or with just a little knowledge about blockchain.

Unity Framework allows customising the behaviors of any gaming objects by means of writing scripts in C# and attaching them to any behavior. In order to make scripts reusable, they may be wrapped in a plugin library (e.g. Windows DLL), which can then be imported in any project. There are many plugins that are currently available for Unity developers. More information about Unity plugins may be found in Unity 3D documentation: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/Plugins.html

In order to use an imported plugin, Unity developer will use one of OOP principles called inheritance: The game object will extend the plugin, which means that gaming object will have some built-in features that come from plugin.

The Developer UI enables following actions:

  • Create or import address with private key

  • Display wallet balance in the network currency

  • Create/Destroy collection

  • Show list of collections owned by this wallet

Some features are yet to be tested/added:

  • Add/Remove an admin for a collection

  • Show list of collection admins

  • Create/Transfer/Burn an NFT for a collection

  • Set/View collection offchain data schema

For demonstration, please use [these instructions](https://github.com/UniqueNetwork/nft_unity/blob/master/src/DemoApplication/readme.md)

More details coming soon…