Unique Network blockchain in the Polkadot ecosystem can be seen as a foundation for standards and good practices serving for any software that uses or relates to NFT. The core components of Unique blockchain are:

  • NFT Pallet

  • Ink! Smart Contracts

Like ERC-721 Ethereum standard for smart contracts, NFT Pallet provides the basement for creating collections of NFTs, minting tokens, managing their ownership, and much more. The smart contracts module is included to handle any application logic that is unknown at the time of chain design.

The Unique Network aims to provide the feature rich and flexible configuration experience to its users. This includes multiple authorization levels, economic models that enable freemium application marketing, miscellaneous administration options, advanced spam protection. The goal is to cover the broad spectrum of NFT applications’ development needs and provide maximum flexibility at low to affordable cost.

The Unique network is based on Polkadot Substrate, and works just like any blockchain based on substrate:

  • It can be explored with Apps UI: https://uniqueapps.usetech.com/

  • It can be integrated with any Polkadot API, such as JavaScript, C#, C++, or Python APIs, though this documentation mainly focuses on JavaScript API as the most up to date.